Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stupid and Contagious

This first novel by Caprice Crane is the story of Heaven and Brady, two oddballs who end up living next door to each other and forming a relationship. This book was rated as the Number One Chick Lit book of 2006 by Romantic Times Book Reviews, so I had to order it for the library and read it. I was really surprised by the unconventional writing style; Crane is funny, and her characters quirky, but not in a usual way at all. If you're a regular chick lit fan, you might be thrown off by that. I did get accustomed to the style right away, though. It reminded me very much of Little Stalker by Jennifer Belle, which I read earlier this year. I was also surprised to find out that Crane is the daughter of actress Tina Louise, Ginger of Gilligan's Island. I wondered if she got any more clout in the publishing world because of that fact. Well, regardless of whether she did or not, this was an excellent book, and I'm looking forward to her next one, which is coming out this year.


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