Friday, July 13, 2007

What No One Tells the Bride

by Marg Stark

Being a newlywed, married this past June, I was looking for a book that might divulge and dissect the massive amount of new experiences, questions, and feelings I had as a bride. What No One Tells the Bride was recommended by a coworker and four-year marriage 'veteran'. It discusses everything from surviving the wedding, second thoughts, fears on becoming your mother, money troubles, troubles with the in-laws, maintaining your identity, and how to stay blissfully happy, despite it all.

I did not read this book until after the wedding, but I was glad that I found it. It helped me recognize some of my fears and worries, as well as the impulse to start a family and become a super-wife. I recommend this book for any bride or newlywed. Marg Stark offers great advice and insight for those brides who find that marriage brings a large amount of new and sometimes difficult changes in a woman's life.


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