Monday, June 11, 2007

Little Stalker

Jennifer Belle's latest novel, Little Stalker, is quirky and bizarre--I loved it. The main character, Rebekah Kettle, a semi-successful novelist, is obsessed with an elderly filmmaker, Arthur Weeman, who in turn has a love for young girls. I realized only after reading the entire thing that Weeman is a dead ringer for Woody Allen. I've only seen a few Woody Allen films, so probably half the book was over my head, but I still loved it. Rebekah is sarcastic, but she's also kind of a spoiled idiot. Her obsession clouds her judgment, and she feels like it's nothing to spend twenty-two thousand dollars of her father's money on Weeman memorabilia. Still, the character is sympathetic, her character's observations on life are poignant, and Belle's writing overall is spot-on. Also, the story is just unpredictable enough to keep the reader guessing. There is a lot going on in this culturally literate novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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