Monday, June 11, 2007

The Next Thing On My List

I'll be completely honest--I remembered that I read a book by this author, Jill Smolinski (the title was Flip-Flopped) and that I liked it, but I couldn't remember what the book was about! I even remembered when I read it--it was on vacation in South Carolina. So I picked up her newest title hoping to get a glimmer of the reason I liked her first book. Eventually, I remembered Smolinski's subtle humor and smooth writing. The story revolves around June Carter, a thirtysomething with a mission. She was involved in a car accident with someone from her Weight Watchers group, a woman she barely knew, and while June survived, the other woman died in the accident. Now June wants to complete the other woman's list of life goals, as a tribute to her. Although the plot seems pretty predictable from this summary, there are quite a few twists and turns. It's not always realistic, but the ending is satisfying, and the book left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


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