Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to Meet Cute Boys

I am the kind of person who has to be in the mood for an audio book, and if I don't like it right away, I won't finish it. I'm picky about the voice who reads it, too. This is the first one I've completed since February. Written by Deanna Kizis, How to Meet Cute Boys is about Benjamina Franklin (yes, that is really her name), a 27-year-old magazine writer who gets to go to all the happening parties. She meets a much younger guy named Max, and the rest of the story is about their tumultuous relationship. Alyson Silverman, who reads the book, does a great job--I could picture the character through the reading. And the writing is great. But the overall story falls a little bit flat. I read a lot of chick lit, so I get sick of the same old formula plot. I'd recommend it if you like to listen to fluffy stuff while driving.


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