Monday, April 23, 2007

Bad Bridesmaid

So as a July bride, I picked up this book thinking it would be about, what else, bad bridesmaids. Not that my bridesmaids are bad or anything, but as a stressed-out bride trying to please everyone right now, I thought maybe I could use a laugh. Instead, I found myself getting angry. "Bad Bridesmaid," as I learned, was a tongue-in-cheek reference to poor, hapless bridesmaids who get stuck in the clutches of picky bridezillas. While I could certainly sympathize with the bridesmaids (these brides really were bridezillas--some of the things they made the bridesmaids do were really ridiculous) I felt that Siri Agrell, the author, was blaming brides for the productions that weddings are today. And I can assure you I have never been that bad!! Anyway, the book was amusing, and Agrell does redeem herself with the last chapter, where she outlines what a bride should do to keep her bridesmaids happy. I guess I just took the whole thing a little too personally!


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