Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Quest for the Holy Veil

Since my last post about one of Kimberly Llewellyn's books--Tulle Little, Tulle Late--I've actually become pen pals with the author. She saw my review of that book, and the rest was history! In fact, I even did an interview with Kimberly in the April issue of the TPL Magazine, available online at TPL's website, So of course, the anticipation leading up to this book was building, and Kimberly's latest does not disappoint. Written in the same sassy style as TLTL, Quest for the Holy Veil focuses on heroine Lucy Ladelle's journey to become a big star on Broadway. No matter what she tries, she gets into one predicament after another, with hilarious results. And of course, there is a hunky hero: Lance Booker, king of the Australian Outback. You'll cheer for Lucy even as she trips up, and as with TLTL, the ending is great. I highly recommend this one, especially if you like humorous chick lit.


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