Monday, March 05, 2007

An Abundance of Katherines

This audiobook was recommended to me, ironically, by a Katherine. Even though I'm not blessed with that name, I still loved this book. It's by John Green, the award-winning author of the young adult novel Looking for Alaska. This is also a young adult novel, but from what I've heard, it's very different in tone from Green's first. The story follows Colin Singleton, a teenager who was once a child prodigy. Colin's heartbroken over his latest relationship having ended, with Katherine the Nineteenth--yes, every girl he's ever dated has been named Katherine. So, to help Colin feel better, his best friend Hassan takes him on a road trip. They end up in the tiny town of Gutshot, Tennessee, where Colin and Hassan figure out a lot of things about life. I laughed out loud at Hassan's antics and empathized with Colin's philosophical musings, and the reading by Jeff Woodman was perfect. If you loved Looking for Alaska, you'll be surprised at this one, but it's still well worth it.


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