Monday, July 23, 2007

Fables: Sons of Empire

If you haven't taken a look at Bill Willingham's Fables series yet, it's one of the smartest comics out there. The premise is that a group of characters from fable worlds have been driven into our own world (known to them as the Mundy -- mundane world) by The Adversary, a mysterious figure with an itch to conquer lands. It places well-known characters like Prince Charming, Rose Red, and so on, in our own times, trying to fit in in New York. This latest collected volume of the series contains a wrap-up from a daring military action against The Adversary a couple issues back.
There's also a charming collection of vignettes penciled by guest artists that offer a kind of "where are they now" from characters in past volumes.


At 11:10 PM, Blogger not not fat said...

I totally agree with fables being fantastic reading. I read the first five volumes and look forward to reserving anything TPL has to either read again or read new! Thanks for the great tip.


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