Friday, August 17, 2007

Look at Me by Jennifer Egan

I read this book for the second time because I read it several years ago and my book group is doing it and I needed a refresher. It is a very strange book, but I enjoyed both readings because the writer is excellent. There are several interrelated plots going on at the same time, but the main character is an aging model who gets in a very serious car accident that breaks the bones in her face. The accident doesn't cut her face but the doctors have to go in through her skull and fuse her bones together with titanium screws. This is significant because when she mends, she is not scarred as in someone who's had a terrible accident, but she is changed, altered. She is no longer a beauty. She ends up being filmed and having her story told on the internet. There is too much to go into as far as the plot goes, but the book brings up issues of beauty, privacy, reality, integrity. I liked this book but not everyone in my group did.


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