Thursday, August 30, 2007

Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts

This collection, edited by David Baggett and Shawn E. Klein, is a goldmine of literary criticism and intellectual thought about the Harry Potter series. Each article in the book is written by a philosophy scholar who also has an interest in popular culture. For me, it was a throwback to college. I was an English major, and I loved reading and writing literary criticism. And since I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I motored through the entire book. It's heavy, dense stuff, and it will get you thinking. This book was written in 2004, so it only covers the first five books in the series. Since I've now read all seven, I was able to extrapolate from a lot of the points the philosophers make throughout the book. I'm curious to see if this book will be updated.


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