Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blind Submission

Debra Ginsberg's first novel is being marketed as another The Devil Wears Prada. Having read that title as well, my evaluation is that Ginsberg's taut tale is the superior of the two. Prada, while well-written, lacked in spirit and disappointed in the end. Blind Submission keeps up the pace throughout, and it also incorporates a mystery that keeps the reader guessing. Really, the only comparison is that both books involve a boss who is difficult to work for. In Blind Submission, this boss is a literary agent, and the main character, Angel, is her assistant. While in Prada, the boss was the main focus, this story is driven by Angel as a character. Her development as a person is the impetus for the story, which is written in a frank yet lovely style. I highly recommend this one; it's finally given me what Prada couldn't.


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