Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Before I Die by Jenny Dowham

Tessa Scott has been living with leukemia since she was a little girl. Now, she is in her teens and time is running out. There are so many things she hasn't experienced: sex, drugs, crime, falling in love.... She writes a list of everything she wants to do before she dies and plans on carrying out every single one. She struggles to feel alive though she is dieing.

A haunting story, one that kept me enrapt in Tessa's life, even though I didn't want to finish, didn't want to care for her. I knew that the end was inevitable, but I felt so much for her that I persevered, just like the family and her friends that loved her so much. 

A beautiful book. Caution: Even though this is a YA book it is somewhat graphic and has very mature content.