Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty Little Angels

by Chris Tusa

Tusa immediately draws you into the world of Hailey Trosclair, a typical teenager discovering herself, questioning the meaning of life and the existence of God in a world fraught with misery, loss, and desperation. In such a short amount of time, you become entangled in the lives of the people in Hailey's life - genuinely feel for them, sharing their trials and their triumphs. Only a master craftsman could have created such a believable and emotionally charged narrative in a mere 170 pages. A must-read!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down (or close the window of my ebook). I was first intrigued by this rambunctious and endearing girl, remember what it was like to be a teenager, with the temptations of boys, drugs, parties, etc....then by utter suspense as surprising events unfolded in shocking detail. I was enrapt from beginning to end


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