Thursday, July 09, 2009

Finding Fish by Antwone Fisher

Sometimes, either because I am facilitating a book group or just to enjoy a favorite book, I will listen to the audio version of a book I've already read. So, I found myself listening to the audio of Finding Fish to freshen up for a book group. I liked the book but I LOVED the audio. I don't particularly like books where people write about surviving bad childhoods because I find it just too difficult to hear about children being neglected or abused or both. However, Fisher is such a wonderful writer and such an eloquent observer of human nature that I couldn't wait until I got in my car to listen to this book. It is narrated by Tony Penny but then Fisher gets on and narrates the part where he is with his wife and daughter. Then the last CD is an interview with Fisher. I loved listening to him talk about his life. He has a great voice and a great understanding of his survival and why some people don't.


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