Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Wolfman by Nicholas Pekearo

The Wolfman was Pekearo's first and last book. (He wrote other things but I don't think they were published). Tragically, he was gunned down while volunteering in NYC as an auxillary policeman. The Wolfman is Marlowe Higgins, a vet from Nam. The narration is hip, with lots of slang and swearing. Higgins has a family curse that has been passed down through generations. When his father dies, he becomes a werewolf. His father never warns him. He becomes a werewolf while in Viet Nam. It helps him to survive there. He has to kill every full moon. Higgins has a moral code and being a killer does not sit well with him, so he trains "the beast" to kill bad people.

I loved this book. Pekearo had a unique voice that I enjoyed and I would love to read more. This mystery novel could have been the first in a series but sadly stands alone.


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