Monday, November 17, 2008

The Heretic's Daughter

Written by Kathleen Kent, this book is narrated by Sarah Carrier, the daughter of Martha Carrier, who was accused and hanged as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. I have never been a huge reader of historical fiction, but recently I have been reading a few, and as it was around Halloween, I was intrigued by the witch aspect. I grabbed this on audio, and I was so glad I listened to it. The reader, Mare Winningham, was fantastic. She sounds exactly like I would imagine someone from this era would sound, with just the slightest bit of an accent. I was entranced all the way through this novel, not just by Winningham's reading, but by the fascinating storyline. You know in the first chapter that Martha Carrier does not survive the book, so it's the story of her family that really drives the novel. It was the perfect title for the season. Now it's on to Christmas!


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