Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Geography of Love

by Glenda Burgess

A memoir that goes into my "couldn't put it down" collection of favorite books.

Bronzed and athletic in pressed khakis and a white shirt unbuttoned at the neck, Ken waved over a cab. Brazilian conga music spilled out of the open windows as the Land Rover pulled over to the curb. Ken lifted our bags into the taxi and we tumbled in, reaching for sunglasses against the noontime glare.
"Good-bye Rio." I smiled back through the palm avenues of the Intercontinental Hotel as the taxi pulled away from the curb.
"Where to now?" I asked. I really didn't know. This was the kind of mystery I loved best.
"Argentina." Ken smiled, in his dark shades every inch the movie star.
"What's in Argentina?"
"The tango."

Excerpt from Geography of Love

Glenda was in her 30's, still single, and even though she had her share of boyfriends, no one ever equated to the love of her life -- until she met Ken. He was higher up in the company she worked for and they ran into each other on a number of occasions. Soon they began developing a loving relationship, often flying to exotic destinations and enjoying each other's company. Fast forward, and their adventurous love affair leads to marriage complete with two children. Glenda is the happiest she's ever been, and they are still completely in love.

Their life together is forever changed when Ken's x-ray reveals a suspicious spot on his lung. A moving and heartbreaking true story, Geography of Love is beautifully written and reflects the tumultuous times that many can relate to. I highly recommend this book as my favorite book of the year!


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