Monday, June 16, 2008

Interred with Their Bones

Interred with Their Bones is a dense, labyrinthine thriller. Kate Stanley is a Shakespeare scholar and director at the Globe Theatre in London. Her mentor, Roz, is killed during a fire at the Globe, just after telling Kate that she has found something very important and valuable. Too soon, Kate realizes she's in danger, and she must go racing around the world in search of clues both to the killer and the Shakespearean secret. This is Jennifer Lee Carrell's first novel, although she is already an accomplished academic writer. Her expertise shows throughout the prose, which is both well-written and heavily researched. There were times I had to flip back through the book to remind myself what was going on, but there was enough suspense and intrigue to keep me turning the pages. A great read for the Shakespeare buffs out there.


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