Monday, May 12, 2008

You Suck: A Love Story

by Christopher Moore (audiobook)

You Suck is just as quirky and funny as Moore's The Stupidest Angel, if not funnier.

Jodi and Tommy are newly turned vampires learning about the pros and cons of being foul dead creatures of the night. Things turn sour for the two vamps when Tommy's friends, nicknamed The Animals, get turned into vampires by a vampire ho. Then, Jodi's creator and mentor Elijah comes back to hunt them down. Along with Abby Normal and Jared, their loyal minion, Jodi and Tommy are up for the fight.

The audio version of this book, done by Susan Bennett, is fantastic. Her interpretation of Abby Normal is hysterical in her teenage, know-it-all, over dramatic tone. I definitely recommend this one!


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