Monday, November 26, 2007

The Nest Newlywed Handbook: An Owner's Manual for Modern Married Life

by Carley Roney

The Nest is a shoot-off of the popular website TheKnot, which is dedicated to couples getting married. The Nest is dedicated to providing information, forums, quizzes, and commonly asked questions for newlyweds. As a newlywed myself, I found this book very informative. Everything I could possibly want to know or have questions about is covered in this book. I learned about the different ways of handling money as as newly married couple, life with in-laws, developing intimacy in marriage, dividing household responsibilities, and about starting a family.

My favorite part of this book were the questionnaires. All couples are different, and the book contains questions to find out what kind of couple you are: a 50's style couple, the love birds, the dissectors, etc. It gives explanations of each type of couple along with pros and possible cons of being that type of couple, as well as behavioral tendencies that could possibly cause marital strife. This book is great for newlyweds!


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Cari said...

I read this one before I got married. I loved it! :-)


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