Monday, September 10, 2007


by Jennifer Crusie

After three failed engagements, Kate decides that she needs a plan - a plan to find a man. With the help of her friend, Jessie, she takes a vacation to an expensive golf resort to find her mate, one who is tall, distinguished, and successful. There is just one problem: she never makes it past the first date because her potential Mr. Rights either end up being total losers, they get seriously injured, or both. And there's also, Jake. He is the laid-back cowboy type who manages the grounds team for the resort, which his brother happens to own. From the beginning, Jake and Kate deny the attraction because one, he is not part of her plan and two, he was married to a woman like her and it failed miserably. Yet, after they get to know each other more, the attraction becomes harder to resist until Kate is questioning the validity of her "plan" and whether or not she wants to go back to the city or stay and live the country life with a man she has only known for a week. What does she decide? Guess you have to read it to find out. I found this book highly entertaining, though predictable. Very fun and lighthearted.


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