Friday, January 11, 2008

Jack of Hearts

This is the second collection in Bill Willingham's series about Jack of fables; you know, the giant killer, the frost guy, he who jumps over candle sticks, etc., etc. (what, you thought they were different Jacks?). It's a spinoff from Willingham's excellent Fables series, and is equally good.
Jack is an unlikely hero. He's a cheat, a liar, a supernaturally charming creature driven solely by the id aspect of personality. It just so happens that his goals often mesh with doing the morally right thing in a storyline. At least in the end. That tension is funny and telling, not just about Jack but about those he encounters.
I've written before that Willingham's work is among the best in graphic novels, and this most recent installment is no different there.

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