Monday, January 07, 2008

Water for Elephants

Sara Gruen's circus book has been a bestseller since the moment it was released. A library customer came in raving about it, saying it was the best book she'd read in a long time--she told me I had to take it home immediately. And I was definitely curious to see what the buzz was about. This is the story of Jacob Jankowski, a young veterinary student who runs away with the circus after his parents die in an accident. The story is full of pomp and circumstance, major drama and huge, traumatic plot events. I found it a little over-the-top at times (pun intended), but I was riveted throughout. I agree that it's a fantastic novel, as well as an excellent book discussion read.


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Beth said...

Liked your review. I wrote one for this one last July. Nice to see people still reading it! Its a great book.


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