Thursday, October 18, 2007

*200th Post!*

I am honored to be making the 200th post in A Librarian Told Me So!

I recently finished Practically Perfect In Every Way by Jennifer Niesslein. This book was interesting because it was about Niesslein's foray into the world of self-help--and there is an upcoming book from Beth Lisick about this exact topic. So I'm curious to see how they will compare to each other. In this book, Niesslein discusses in each chapter the experiments she did, following the advice of self-help "experts" like Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, etc. She attempted to improve her life one aspect at a time, from housecleaning to spirituality. There were points where I felt a little bogged down by all the revelations, but overall, I really loved this book. It made me feel better that I don't always follow the advice I'm given. Also, reading Jennifer Niesslein's story was a joy in itself--her voice is wry and funny.


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