Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger

This is another nonfiction work by the author of The Perfect Storm. The story is about the murder of Bessie Goldberg, a woman who lived in Belmont, a suburb of Boston. Junger was a baby at the time and his parents had an art studio constructed at the back of their house so his mother could work and give lessons and take care of him. One of the workmen who was there alone for a number of days was Albert DeSalvo, who turned out to be the Boston Strangler. The Jungers lived a short distance from the Goldbergs in Belmont. The day Bessie was killed, DeSalvo was working at the Jungers and no one was home to verify his presence for the time of the murder. Roy Smith, hired to help clean the Goldberg's home, was blamed for the murder. Junger investigates the details of the murder, the two men and the times they lived in. This book is excellent! I listened to the audio and the narration by Kevin Conway was brilliant. If you listen to it, which I highly recommend, check out the cover art on the book - I'm into cover art lately and this is perfect!


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