Wednesday, March 08, 2006


If you read only one book about Amish werewolves this year, make it Kornwolf, by Tristan Egolf. This sounds flippant, of course, but Kornwolf is really shooting for being more than just another monster tale. It’s about belonging and destiny, written in whimsical, often witty prose.

Sadly, the young author took his own life last year. The problem with publishing a book posthumously is that it complicates the editing process. Parts of this book would have benefited from more background research, for example, and a few ends are left uncomfortably loose. Some chapters lose their focus, and the ending will likely frustrate many readers.

Still, Kornwolf is a fun read. In his too-short life the author did meet with some critical success, and seems likely to be remembered as a cult favorite for some time.


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