Friday, April 07, 2006

Biblical Novella

I have just finished two biblical novellas from author Francine Rivers. They were wonderful,
easy to read and above all, inspiring. Francine Rivers has written novellas about five great men of the bible. The two I have just finished were about Aaron, the Priest and Jonathan, the Prince.

The Prince tells the story of Jonathan, his troubled relationship with his father King Saul: his deep friendship with the shepherd boy David (later King David) and the politics of Israel. It is also a story of a nation (Israel) tired of letting God be their King that turn from the One who loves them the most, to selfishness, greed, war bloodshed and murder. As the Prophet Samuel tells Jonathan, "God does not abandon men, my son. Men abandon God."

There are colorful details and great character discriptions. This book is worth reading just to find out more about Jonathan's life and trials and how God worked in ways that may not be clear in scripture

In Aaron, the Priest, Rivers tells the story of Moses, his younger brother Aaron, and the Israelites as they flee from Egypt and Pharaoh. It starts off as a rather slow read and is
redundant in spots but turns into excellent character development. It is refreshing to see the story of the Exodus through Aaron's eyes instead of Moses. It is only when God calls him to serve his brother, that Aaron finds love for Moses instead of the jelously that festered for years.
After becoming the first High Priest of Israel, Aaron confronts his own unworthiness and struggles with self doubt, sin and the blatant rebellion the people show toward God during
their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.


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